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MCC was tasked with creating a recognizable brand and online presence for Dispatch. This task included crafting a brand that reflected their values and developing a modern website using best practices in search engine optimization. Thanks to MCC, Dispatch has expanded its rare, international collection of CPG, attracting customers from all over the United States who are looking for unique products that are not found on Amazon, from women-owned businesses, are eco-friendly, handmade, and more. As evidenced by their recent success, MCC brought the Dispatch brand to life and prepared them for a successful future, influencing a 772% increase in sales, 65% increase in sessions, 265% increase in conversion rate, and 96% increase in average order value. Dispatch now ranks for over 650 organic keywords. Through organic Pinterest efforts, Dispatch receives over 17,000 monthly views.
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MCC successfully created an effective online storefront for Dispatch by utilizing the best practices of search engine optimization (SEO). Our team recognized the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest trends in SEO, while striving to meet the company’s goals of appearing at the top of ranking lists for targeted keywords. Through in-depth research and analysis into how customers search for products, MCC was able to implement bespoke strategies that resulted in increased organic traffic and improved visibility for Dispatch. The custom product pages offer a strategic mix of copy and visual assets.
MCC worked hand-in-hand with Dispatch to create a brand that would showcase the company’s value beyond its retail items. Dispatch offers customers an immersive cultural encounter. By emphasizing this priceless cultural experience, consumers feel like their purchase has made a more meaningful impact than just buying a product. Through creative graphic design, MCC was able to effectively communicate this important value proposition to potential customers.
Our mission was to help Dispatch maximize its reach and boost ROI by providing product positioning and content creation services. We created a robust content hub for Dispatch featuring engaging brand stories, resources, visuals, and information about their vendors. Additionally, MCC helped the business establish an SEO strategy for prioritizing which topics garnered more views than others. With our meticulously crafted approach and targeted advice, Dispatch was able to take its brand presence further than ever before, quickly becoming the dominant player in several key markets.
At MCC, we understand that the way your product is delivered is just as important as the product itself. To ensure a memorable and quality customer experience, we created custom shipping boxes and inserts for Dispatch, as they were looking to add a special touch to their product delivery that reinforced one of its primary values, sustainability. Rather than using only generic packaging options for sending out products, Dispatch customers receive unique, custom-made items that make an unbeatable impression on shoppers without breaking their budget. With our custom shipping boxes and inserts, Dispatch’s handwritten messages jump off the page due to the high-quality materials and design expertise.
Dispatch had a limited marketing budget and tasked MCC with selecting one social media platform to create a strategy and execute on. MCC advised Dispatch to invest in Pinterest, which proved to be an effective strategic move. MCC implemented the Pinterest strategy; as a result, they now have an average of 17,000 organic monthly views every month. With dedication and commitment to creating content that resonates with its target audience across multiple industries, MCC has successfully navigated when it comes to social media marketing through Pinterest. It goes to show that investing effort and resources into using the right platforms can reap great rewards for businesses looking to engage customers online.
Increase in average order value
Increase in conversion rate
Increase in sessions
Increase in sales
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